All subscribers who are owned more than $20 have been refunded.

A donation equal to the amount of those under $20 will be made to CAB Rediker in early fall.


The  Stanstead Journal published its last weekly edition on May 29th. It is no longer a viable business and no real government help is forthcoming.

The publisher still believes that this community needs a paper-based news source, but a weekly one for a market this size, with no community support, is unfeasible.

We have also seen a shift in our core market, which is older as it is with all newspapers. While you would never see them with a phone or a tablet two years ago, this is not the case today. Also, paying for news on the Internet was a no-no up until the last couple of months; not the case anymore. So, we will slowly have a much better WEB presence over the next few months.

Our phone system will beon full automatic mode from now on.

Please note that we will continue operating, so all transactions will still be done, so please send what you owe us.

We thank you in advance for your understanding.

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