We move to Monthly

Please note that we publish our next issue in early July.


The  Stanstead Journal is today publishing its last weekly edition. It is no longer a viable business and no real government help is forthcoming.

The publisher still believes that this community needs a paper-based news source, but a weekly one for a market this size, with no community support, is unfeasible.

We have also seen a shift in our core market, which is older as it is with all newspapers. While you would never see them with a phone or a tablet two years ago, this is not the case today. Also, paying for news on the Internet was a no-no up until the last couple of months; not the case anymore. So, we will slowly have a much better WEB presence over the next few months.

Our subscribers will be getting a paper product about 10 times a year, with local news and features, but obviously less fill material, crosswords, recipes and all. So subscriptions will be honored.

Meanwhile, our physical office will be closed to business starting June 3rd.

Our phone system will go back on full automatic mode at the same date. We will be moving out of our premises in July. We do not know yet if we will retain a physical presence. If we do, the hours will be highly curtailed.

Please note that we will continue operating, so all transactions will still be done, so please send what you owe us.

We thank you in advance for your understanding.

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